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We help founders launch and scale

Take your startup to the next level: structured, performing, and investment-ready

Upskill quickly.
Bring your vision to life.

Build fast and get the business traction you need – with help from our expert, driven team.

You can never come to us “too early”!

Why partner with us

Not your average consultancy.
We form close, long-lasting relationships with all of our clients. When you choose us, you will always have the direct support of one or more of Pipette & Chart’s dedicated partners.
While your startup is still in its early phase, you’ll benefit from the wide-ranging experiences of our expert team members, who help you cover all areas of your executive plan. By tapping into our broad network, it’s fair to say that Pipette & Chart will become your unfair advantage.
No product or revenue yet? We excel at helping businesses like yours take off the right way. How do we do it? Experience - we went through all the important milestones ourselves, and we helped guide numerous clients to success after that.

Our Services

Flagship Service
External Co-Founder
Missing a co-founder to take charge of product, strategy or marketing? We’ll lead and execute until you find one.
The Pipette & Chart Academy offers practical and actionable courses on startup development.
Services for Startups
Demand Validation
Pre-product proof of interest and early traction.
Investment Readiness
Craft a fundraising strategy, an engaging pitch deck, an executive roadmap, and a detailed financial plan.
Investor long- and short-lists, outreach content, meeting follow-ups, and deal structuring.
Advisory and Mentoring
All-around support so you can meet key goals and overcome challenges, plus a second opinion to help you identify blindspots and bottlenecks.
Growth Hacking
Leveraging both proven and experimental tactics to uncover new sales channels and growth opportunities.
Project Management
Streamlining milestones into well-organised roadmaps while taking control of both work and data flows.
The Pipette & Chart Academy offers practical and actionable courses on startup development.

Partner With Experienced Team
of Senior Executives

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Co-Owner and Marketing Strategist
Senior Advisor - Business Development & Capital Formation
R&d & Innovation Funding Manager
Senior Advisor, Operations
Lead Designer



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